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Have you considered outsourcing, or are you reconsidering after an unpleasant experience? Whichever the case may be, Beijing Dental Laboratory is your U.S. partner for a positive outsourcing experience. We handle all communication and case questions between the lab and you. The process is fairly simple, we will email or fax you a shipping label and proper documentation, and all you need to do is box up your cases and send directly to our lab in China. We require a minimum of 10 units to ship direct; if you fall short of that amount, we can still help make outsourcing a viable option for you just call our office to find out more information. Our staff has continued to improve the outsourcing process since our establishment in 2000. It is critical to choose a reliable lab when outsourcing. Quality, consistency, communication and low prices are the key to a successful experience; this is why you should choose Beijing Dental Lab as your go-to partner for out sourcing.


It is not a secret that outsourcing can and will save you money. BDL has the ability and resources to provide excellent prices. BDL may not be the cheapest outsourcing option, but we can guarantee a quality product at an excellent price.

Capacity Management

Is your lab at maximum capacity, but you don’t want to turn cases away? Turn them our way! Outsourcing overflow work is an excellent option to keep your production process seamless without interruption during peak times of business.

Decrease in Expense

BDL can help to lower your monthly expenses incurred by operation overhead costs. You will no longer need to worry about any expensive technological upgrades nor unused inventory.

Risk Transfer

Beijing Dental Lab has been in business for over 13 year improving our own outsourcing process. Let our customer service team take care of case questions and the communication barrier. Our lab is ISO 9000 certified and FDA approved.

Customer Relations

With BDL, you will have the ease of mind that your lab work is being taken care of. Therefore, you can continue to build relationships with current clients while continuing to grow your business.

Time Efficiency

Save time and money by using BDL for all your lab needs. Send us a minimum of 10 units per shipment and we will have them delivered back to you within 7-9 days.