1803 SW Regional Airport Blvd.

Bentonville, AR 72712



Specific Products

  • IPS e.max Crown
  • IPS e.max Veneer
  • IPS e.max inlay/onlay
  • All Zirconia Crown
  • Zirconia Crown with Porcelain
  • Zirconia Post


Specific Products

  • Non-Precious, No Ni (Co-Cr)
  • Non-Precious, No Ni (Co-Cr)
  • Titanum
  • Semi-Precious Crown
  • High Noble White Gold
  • High Noble Yellow Gold 71%


Specific Products

  • Valplast finish only per arch
  • Valplast clasp
  • Partial wax try-in with teeth
  • Acrylic finish with teeth
  • Acrylic partial denture with teeth
  • Cast partial wax setup with teeth
  • Cast partial denture finished with teeth
  • Framework
  • Full denture setup/wax try-in with teeth
  • Full denture finish only
  • Full denture setup and finish with teeth
  • High Noble Yellow Gold
  • Valplast setup only with teeth
  • Valplast partial setup and finish with teeth