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Bloody Love

By Lisa Renee Jones

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The cat is in the tree.

As far as Lilah's concerned, her note writing stalker just gets more stupid everyday. One, two, three, the cat is in the tree? What is that? And what does it have to do with a wedding turned bloody?

Lilah continues to hunt for the monster who killed a bride-to-be while she awaits news on Kane's chopper that emergency landed in the ocean. She's angry. She's worried. She's ready to kill the man she knows is responsible for Kane's crash: Pocher. 

It's a race against the clock to save Kane and catch a killer.

Everyone won't survive.

Bloody Love is the sixth book in the Lilah Love series.
The Lilah Love series:
Book One: Murder Notes (Murder Duet #1)
Book Two: Murder Girl (Murder Duet #2)
Book Three: Love Me Dead (Umbrella Man Duet #1)
Book Four: Love Kills (Umbrella Man Duet #2)
Book Five: Bloody Vows (Wedding Duet #1)
Book Six: Blood Love (Wedding Duet #2)


  • A top favorite!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    Lilah is the main focus of this series and I do love her character. She's got balls, this woman. Some may think she is too much but I don't think so. She is as hard as her environment needs or she would be chewed up and spit out. I like that she is fearless. She makes the series very fascinating. Kane is another HUGE reason I would recommend this series. He's everything I love in a Hero that walks on the line of right and wrong. I know I would love this series without him in it because Lilah and the cases she solves are fascinating to me. But, he is also the reason this series is in my top favorites. He adds so much more to an already awesome series. My recommendation? Read it and read it in order. You won't be disappointed.
  • Loving it all the way through

    By Tammyemd
    Lisa had me hooked on this series from the beginning. Lilah Love is still trying to find the killer from Bloody Vows. So you need to at least read that book before you read Bloody Love. Most of your questions are answered,but there is still more to come. I loved this book and Lilah Love is my favorite female character.
  • Addictive Adrenaline Rush!

    By Astroyic
    This series is just so intense and delicious. The stunning twists, raw emotions and nerve wracking tension just keeps increasing as each book in this addictive series unfolds. This book picks up right where the last one left off, and it is imperative that you read this series in order. I have been so invested in Lilah and Kane since the beginning of this series. These characters really have wormed their way into my heart, while also consuming my mind. This story quickly captivates and pulls you back into this couples world. Where anger and pain quickly becomes need and desperation. As the danger escalates and no one is safe. “All I know is that killers are drawn to me. And I’m drawn to them. The fact that I’m irritated and in a bad mood works for me. It does not work for my enemies.” How on earth did I survive that? My mind is blown, my heart beating out of my chest and I’m on this cliff, shaking like a leaf in a windstorm waiting to do it all over it again with the conclusion to one of the best reasons to get lost for a while, a Lisa Renee Jones story. This book series is addictive, steamy, and intense with twists and turns in the plot that you just wont see coming. Bloody Love was an exceptional read! If you love to get lost in a story (and series) I highly recommend this one.
  • Can’t get enough Lilah!

    By Sandialys
    I love this series so much. This book was so good. Nobody writes murder suspense like Lisa Renee Jones. This was full of twist and turns and many surprises. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I was hooked from page one until the end. Lilah and Kane are two of my favorite Lisa Renee Jones characters. I can’t wait to read more Lilah.
  • Book 6 Lilah Love

    By MelissaNY666
    I received this book as ARC, but I give my honest opinion. Lilah Love is a well trained FBI profiler that has criminals planning murder just for her. The Man she loves, Kane, a oil mogul from a crime family just has this way to help, hurt and fix some things. Starting from book 1 you follow Lilah’s mind set from work, to life, to play. Can you keep up? Can you solve the crime before Lilah….I don’t think so. This Hot sexual story with Lilah and Kane, the mix of murders and characters keep you very intrigued from beginning to end.