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Stranger in My Arms

By Lisa Kleypas

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance
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“One of today’s leading lights in romantic fiction.”

—Seattle Times

USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas is one of America’s most acclaimed and popular authors of historical romance fiction—and Stranger in My Arms is one of her most beloved novels! A classic tale of a noble lady whose life is upended when her despised husband—believed lost at sea—returns, a remarkably altered, more passionate and loving man…if he is, indeed, who he claims to be. A two-time RITA Award-winner—and a nine-time nominee—Lisa Kleypas is at her sensuous best with Stranger in My Arms.


  • Not bad

    By Historical novel
    I have read better novels by Lisa kleypas than this one. I didn't feel the love story. It is more of erotic story. But I won't stop reading kleypas. She is one of the n Best writers despite this book
  • Overall good story

    By Tinydragon23
    Lisa Klepas is one of my favorite authors, I thought the story was good, I liked characters, however I felt the ending rushed and slapped together.The story end comes to a dramatic scene and then prologue, it was a rush to rap up lose ends. I wanted to want to read a book about her sister and her new situation, but it left me at the end kind blah to the whole story line possibility of that, and it is always nice to end at a little sizzle or want to read about other characters. Those are the best books like her series about the Hathaway Family, this was a great series. I was just satisfied but I wouldn't read this over and over like the Hathaway books. It felt as rushed as the many obvious grammatical errors that were not corrected made it seem. All in all ok.
  • Little rough patch....

    By Nag DeNu
    A very entertaining story- quite romantic for the most part. My only complaint was when the heroine did something that seemed pretty out of place for a woman in love. Seemed a little rough in that area. Good read otherwise.
  • Great book. Horrible electronic copy

    By THDpr
    The book is lovely and sweet but rather than enjoy it, it became a game to find and highlight all the spelling mistakes and switched words. Frankly, its appalling. At one point even the main character's name was incorrect!! Did an editor even look at it?