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Where Dreams Begin

By Lisa Kleypas

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance
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New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas delivers the unforgettable, sexy tale of a brash rogue who meets his equal in a woman who knows exactly what she wants . . .

Zachary Bronson has built an empire of wealth and power. Now he is seeking a wife to help secure his position in the ton . . . as well as warm his bed in private. But not just any woman will do for one of London's most notorious rakes. When he meets Lady Holly Taylor, he surrenders to the temptation to take her in his arms and kiss her. Yet he's pleasantly surprised to discover her fierce passions match his own.

Lady Holly Taylor is destined to spend her life playing by society's rules even when they go against her bolder instincts. But Zachary's kiss arouses her, and though his shocking offer doesn't include marriage, she is compelled to risk everything for the most forbidden passion.


  • Where Dreams Begin

    By Jo KS
    I really enjoy Lisa Kleypas' books. Most have typos that should have been caught by proofreading. Unfortunately this book is worse than most & required rereading lines or paragraphs to figure them out. Lord Avery became "A very." Too many other nonsensical mistakes to list. Very unprofessional for published books.
  • Very, very enjoyable

    By Airedales4ever
    Zachary Bronson, what a delicious character. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.
  • Great Read

    This was one of the first Lisa Kleypas books I read, and it is still one of my favorites. Kleypas makes the reader root for the characters in her novels. Everyone knows that the couple is going to get together in the end but she makes sure getting there is enjoyable. Whenever I read one of her books I hate having to put it down. Definitely recommend this book!